DEEFReal Control

Genre: Punkrock
  • LP
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Documenting the band’s final era, when hardcore gigs in Sapporo were banned, and still had to be organized in private recording studios with seating. Before bands like Gai and Confuse existed on the opposite end of Japan, Real Control shows Deef diving into a totally raw and abrasive hardcore style, issuing a challenge for bands to leave the typical sounds of their peers in the dust, and replace it with something more fitting of the anger and frustration of cold war era, and if you weren’t going to, their opening salvo chanting the mantra “We Kill All Punk Rock Heroes” proved that they would. Real Control contains the second tape in its entirety, as well as their unreleased 1983 session recorded live at Studio Puff, which shows the band at their rawest, most unhinged, and most furiously hardcore, and at the time, more raw than most any band on the planet. The audio has been specifically remastered for vinyl and sourced from the original master tapes. The LP includes a booklet with color photos, flyers, and liner notes and history in both English and Japanese.


01. We Kill All Punk Rock Heroes
02. War
03. Nouten
04. Goumon
05. Mesu
06. Y
07. Detai
08. Gensou-teki Kyouiku-ron
09. Ki N Ta Ma!
10. Kachiku
11. Nai!
12. Jisatsu
13. Saru No Niku
14. Tengoku Pairotto
15. We Kill All Punk Rock Heroes
16. Nouten
17. Saru No Niku
18. Nai!
19. Gensou-teki Kyouiku-ron
20. Kachiku
21. Sabi
22. Tekihatsu
23. Ki N Ta Ma!
24. War
25. Jisatsu
26. Tengoku Pairotto