DILIP ROYNamaskaar Melodies From India

Genre: Asia

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Originally sold only on Air India flights as an aural souvenir of their homeland, this record deserves a wide recognition. This rare 1983 session credited to Dilip Roy could be easily labeled as a forerunner of the worldbeat fusion mania. Dilip was an arranger and orchestra leader for virtually all of Ananda Shankar’s recordings. A dj friendly release, the album features moody and exotic sitar coupled with electric guitars, synthesizers, flute, vibes, organ, a string section and some strange and wonderful percussion. Rare groove the eastern way, it is time to embrace such an exotic masterpiece.


01. Yaman
02. Way To Ladakh
03. Priyatama
04. Village Belle
05. Hansadhwani
06. Nostalgia
07. Call Of The Flute
08. Camel Rider
09. Dhoop Chhaon
10. Pahadi
11. Nattu Padangal
12. Vidaai