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Genre: Punkrock
Label: Little Rocket
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Artikelnummer: 019086 Release Date: Tue, 31 Jan 2023


Field Day / ex-Dag Nasty band, continue to push their message of melodic hardcore and punk rock with a new collection, „ACQUISITION.“
During the past three years we were treated to the news that two of the core members of Dag Nasty were not just playing together again as Field Day, but were also writing new songs. They first released the „2.0“ 7″ then „Opposite Land“ EP followed up with a third 7″ „WHY?“ at a breakneck pace.
Each release sold out very quickly and remained in the charts of German distributors Core Tex for over 10 weeks or more.
The strength of each release reignited a spark that captured the spirit of the original Dag Nasty sound. The initial calling card fulfilled its promise – and the line-up consisted of Peter Cortner on vocals, Doug Carrion on bass, Shay Mehrdad on guitars and Kevin Avery on drums to continue to deliver the goods. Now comes “ACQUISITION.” A 13-song collection of previously released material plus 2 brand new unreleased tracks on one 12″ vinyl record. Within seconds of the needle hitting the groove, any doubts or fears are laid to rest. You have all the hallmarks of the sounds these guys pioneered, done with a vibrancy that is relevant today. Galloping drums and a driving bassline provide the backdrop to layered guitars that offer melody and texture. Then you have Peter Cortner’s vocals, both the filling that holds it together, and the icing on the cake that really finishes it off. There are and have been a million and one bands playing the melodic hardcore sound, but when it comes to the roots, you have to look back to names such as Dag Nasty, 7 Seconds or Bad Religion. Well, these guys were actually there, and so their influences couldn’t possibly be more genuine. In line-ups of the older generation, musicians were hopping from one band to another, and so influences came together and helped define those trailblazing sounds. The closing track on here, “Tell Me Now”, features a tribute to old peers 7 Seconds with the woah-oh intro and uplifting guitar melodies.


01. One Song
02. Why?
03. Invitation
04. Speak the Truth
05. Searching for The Answers
06. Waiting for A Miracle
07. Audience of One
08. Alive
09. Sure
10. Blindness
11. We Are the Change
12. Stolen Words
13. Tell me Now