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Artikelnummer: 019207 Veröffentlichung: Fri, 31 Mar 2023


If music that feels like a massage with broken glass, then this is the rub for you! We know, we’ve withstood the pain for you but now it’s finally time to share. Short, fast and raging hardcore from both of these UK bruisers. Meant to be a promo tape for Frisk’s „Stalker“ LP, which as you know is already out, and meant to coincide with their jaunt around the Empire late last year but, of course, Iron Lung Records got it done just in time for the day after, haha. As chance would have it, Last Affront is coming over to the states to do a tour so now this tape is their tour promo thing. Life is a stab in the dark at best so turn the lights off and start waving your knives in the air.


01. One Way Out
02. Condemned
03. Talk
04. From The Edge
05. Slump
06. Abyss
07. Fog
08. You Were The Enemy