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Artikelnummer: 018293 Release Date: Thu, 02 Dec 2021


While a stunning debut – the introduction to Good Looking Son feels more like a timely reacquaintance with an old friend. „Fantasy Weekend“ is the latest from Keith Harman, whose lead vocals and songwriting abilities have long anchored The Cowboys and their prolific run that spans more than 70 original songs over five albums and change.
There’s a certain familiar, but ever-so-finessed element to Harman’s songwriting that really hits the bullseye across this six track EP. „Fantasy Weekend“ gazes into the dark, heavily glazed garage-pop of the late 60’s/early 70’s as Keith’s calm, cool cadence balances between baritone sentimentality and ghostly thrum. A release both far from predictable and electrifying as the tempo cranks up along quirky keyboard lines that segue into classic powerpop territory.
Whatever Midwestern time warp these songs crept out of is truly serene. Created in Cincinnati with Jerri Queen (Vacation) both producing and playing alongside Cowboys drummer Jordan Tarantino and longtime Queen City rocker Andrew Jody on bass, wrapped up with a vibrant mastering job courtesy of Caufield Schnug (Sweeping Promises). „Fantasy Weekend“ is as immediate as it is entrancing – a rare one that can hold court at both first and last call.


01. Cocaine Spy Tower
02. Reagan's Fantasy Weekend
03. Mr. Wonderful
04. Psychic Jacuzzi
05. The Neighbor Girl
06. She's so Nice