GRAVEN IMAGEStudio Sessions: 82-83

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In the summer of 1982, an already burgeoning scene in Richmond, VA saw the arrival of some new blood in the form of GRAVEN IMAGE. Taking both inspiration and influence from the hardcore punk explosion that was well underway all over the world, these youngsters who met at a local skate ramp channeled their aggression through the no bullshit hardcore punk that they churned out in their few years of existence. Having shared the stage with a veritable who’s who of punk at the time (BAD BRAINS, MINOR THREAT, NECROS, C.O.C., VOID, THE FU’s, etc) throughout the Mid-Atlantic, the band’s explosive live performance fronted by the powerful and charismatic Dwayne Curd was evidence that they could hold their own when billed with the aforementioned titans of the genre. „THE STUDIO SESSIONS: ’82-’83“ features the entirety of GI’s recorded studio output – first from the „YOUR SKULL IS MY BOWL“ session circa fall of 1982 that became the extremely rare and sought after split tape with fellow local juvenile upstarts HONOR ROLE, and lastly from the „KICKED OUT OF THE SCENE“ EP session that was recorded in 1983 and released the following year, plus some previously unreleased tracks from each of the studio outings that yielded these 22 tracks of USHC fury! Carefully transferred and restored from the original reels, each record comes with a 12 page booklet chock full of photos, flyers and even some liner notes from guitarist Nick Smilek and drummer Joey Boisineau. For admirers of early American Hardcore and not much else


01. Child Abuse
02. Fascist State
03. Uncomfortable Environment
04. My World
05. Double Life
06. Trigger Happy
07. Birth Control
08. Vote For Me
09. America
10. Minimum Wage
11. Over the Edge
12. Redneck Heaven
13. Sunday School
14. Social Shitz
15. The Day After
16. Close Your Eyes
17. Operation Shrink
18. Wrong Way to Utopia
19. Double Life
20. Dear Abby
21. Nails & Thorns
22. Don't Axe Me