Genre: Metal
Label: Geenger
  • LP
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Hesperian Death Horse are an avant-garde / sludge / post-metal quintet from Zagreb, Croatia, formed in 2012. The band sees themselves as the narrator of a saga about birth, life and death featuring psychedelic and nihilistic poetry. Each stage is envisioned as a separate album; taken together they form a trilogy. Once the trilogy in finished and the saga concluded, the band will not create music again.
The saga is being told in the order of death, life and birth. Death was the theme of the band’s first album ‚Mrtav‘ (Croatian for ‚dead‘), released in 2013. Life is the theme of their newest, second album ‚Živ‘ (Croatian for ‘alive’), coming out in May 2019. Birth will be the theme of the last part of the trilogy, and the band’s final album. ‚Ro?en‘ (Croatian for ‘born’), will see the light of day in late 2020.


01. Saol (Part 1: Prizma)
02. Elu (Part 2: Voda)
03. Hayot (Part 3: Mezanin)
04. Liv (Part 4: Horde)