Genre: Postpunk
Label: Makkum
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Artikelnummer: 019678 Release Date: Tue, 10 Oct 2023


Even before they would become a disruptive force on the Dutch rock scene, with their albums Wil Met U Neuken and Moddergat, the still young members of It Dockumer Lokaeltsje were admirers of Deutsch Amerikanische Freundschaft. In 1981 these Düsseldorf-based electro-punks created a stir with their acclaimed record Alles Ist Gut. In their best known track “Der Mussolini”, a massive alternative dance hit, Gabi Delgado-López en Robert Görl dared to provocatively link totalitarianism with Christianity. In 1987 lt Dockumer Lokaeltsje recorded a cover version of “Der Räuber Und Der Prinz”, the most tantalising gay ballad ever written. Now, three decades later, the band have put all 10 vintage DAF-tracks through the wringer. Lovingly and, of course, in the Frisian language.
IDoL have created a rural microcosm – populated by reluctant ghost cows, wanton mummies and rattling skeletons – whereas DAF inhabits a darkly romantic, metropolitan universe. Bridging that gap – both thematically and musically – was the main challenge. Many hours were spent holding on to beats and grooves, in order to blend IDoL’s typically short and capricious song structures with DAF’s radical minimalism.

Songs such as “Sato-Sato” (whose title remains a mystery, even in Frisian), “De Röver En De Prins” and “As Wie’t De Lêste Kear” don’t stray too far from DAF’s distinct bass lines and beats. Whereas “Der Mussolini” originally by DAF ran over de dancing crowd like a tank division, It Dockumer Lokaeltsje’s steam train drivers have opted for a more rolling shuffle feel. “Myn Hert Dat Slacht” starts with an intro the band members found lying around in their rehearsal room, before settling into the compelling cadence they heard in “Mein Herz Macht Burn”. Delgado’s rhythmical singing on “lch Und Die Wirklichkeit” inspired IDoL to interpret their version as a tango. Which stays in time for a full two minutes, before complety collapsing in classic Lokaeltsje style.


01. Sato-Sato
02. De Mussolini
03. Reade Lippen
04. Myn Hert Dat Slacht
05. De Rover en de Prins
06. Ik Yn It Echt
07. As Wie't De Leste Kear
08. Kopke Derby
09. De Iene Tsjin De Oare
10. Alles Is Goed