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Artikelnummer: 020117 Release Date: Fri, 19 Apr 2024


Jaqee’s last album with the promising title „Fly High“ leads the inclined listener into a sometimes idiosyncratic fermentation of street-ready R’n’B, pop aesthetics, jazz intellect, world music earthiness, chanting Afro soul and sensitivity and softness of classical music and orchestral warmth, which is defined by Jaqee’s voice throughout all tracks, but never overridden.
Thilo „Teka“ Jacks, who produced „Fly High“, is looking for musical salvation and the courage to change things up in order to illustrate unity, also in busy, heated, African sub-currents like High Life, but also in European dancefloor stereotypes and even traces of soca and merengue, all of course always only thought of, because the real main actor is and remains Jaqee’s sustained singing, her unique intonation and her voice, which sometimes sounds clear and angry, other times fragile and sensitive – that’s the way it should be.
Despite or precisely because of this immensely expressive character of the album, it is advisable to listen to the work several times: Jaqee makes music with sophistication and expression and a look that also allows for sheer black music entertainment, „Fly High“ proves this with lasting effect.

„Fly High“ is now available on vinyl for the first time.


01. Hello (It's Me Are You There)
02. Water It
03. Fly High
04. Oh Sister
05. Lullaby
06. Kampala Traffic (Skit)
07. Tambuula
08. Miracle
09. Kalangala (Skit)
10. My Life
11. Perfect World
12. Zola's Dance
13. All In
14. Don't Fuss