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Artikelnummer: 019131 Release Date: Fri, 17 Feb 2023


Trap kit, hand percussion, homemade percussion instruments and electronic percussion overflow with extra weirdness.
Sick pop rhythms grinding through the wasteland.
Sand in your hair and bugs in your teeth.
Hand on your knife, knife in your sheath
Grimy bass burps through a fried stack
And the crack of the snare is a mighty pink smack
Bells, whistles, conga, and vibes
This is a drug record
One thousand times


01. Intro
02. The Spent Sadist
03. Chit Chat
04. Scavenger
05. Red Clay Wall
06. Dungeon Crawler
07. Bug City
08. The Scythe is Remorseless
09. Bricked Rune
10. Scatter
11. The Hostile Womb
12. More will be Revealed