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Artikelnummer: 019249 Release Date: Tue, 28 Mar 2023


Brand new studio full length from Bristol based sike-o-nauts, orbiting in the Heads’ realm and led by Heads’ Simon Price.

k3 continues the trajectory of outer space excursions found on previous kandodo releases.

Out of focus, relaxed and expansive vibes fuse together into serpentine rivers of minimalist rhythms and echoed tones, drawing the listener into tunnels of sound and scorched sonic landscapes.
It’s one for the headphones at 30,000 feet or late night deserted drives.
k3 finds three heads taking time out to dive into the dronal repetitions of deep space, 3 psychonauts killing time in the only way they know how; head-nodding drumfuzz layered with creamed strings. Guest guitar from fellow sike-head John McBain on the final half of the 40 minute trip which makes up sides 3 and 4.
k3 takes the autobahn, veering left past the sun and heading on till morning. There are no black holes ‚cos we’re in it: just do the half. The colours will come back with the dawn.
Settle in for the long haul and …..


01. King Vulture
02. Lapwinger
03. Everything - Green's - Gone
04. Holy Debut
05. The Gaping Maw
06. Loungecore
07. High on Planes / Drifter