Genre: Garagepunk
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Kaz Mirblouk is the self-titled solo project of the Los Angeles-native multi-instrumentalist.
Despite playing music growing up, Mirblouk didn’t begin writing or performing his own songs in a live setting until he went to college in Davis, CA. To date, Kaz has released both an EP, Through the Glass, with long time collaborator and current drummer Joey Kaufman, and his debut album, Imitate, Intimidate, both on lolipop records. After a move back down to his hometown of Los Angeles, Kaz began to perform live as a four-piece, with newcomer Crosby Lloyd as a second guitarist and more permanent member alongside Joey Kaufman. Mirblouk’s sound has been described as being „drenched in a sunny Golden State vibe while retaining a great deal of urban grit and grime“ with enough psychedelia to add some space and groove.


01. Sidestep
02. Paint Stains