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Artikelnummer: 019464 Release Date: Tue, 11 Jul 2023


For the third straight year, Brazil’s Lasso offers the world a new EP just as spring arrives in the northern hemisphere and fall sets in south of the equator. Mirroring the unpredictable weather this time of year, Lasso’s music floats between raw explosions of manic energy and tense brooding, invoking the cycles of anxiety and depression that grip so many of us these days. Tracks like “Respice Finem” and “Raiva Derramada Na Estrada” sound like the uncontrollable surge of adrenalin that accompanies a panic attack, and while the mid-paced riffs in “Tecido Social” and “Nó” might open up the pit, it’s only to swallow us whole. Illustrator Carlos Casotti also provides his best cover artwork for the band yet, an eerie and uncanny visualization of Lasso’s enigmatic take on hardcore punk.

Lasso will tour the east coast and midwest United States this May. Look for an announcement and details about the tour soon.


01. Respice Finem
02. Animal Insignificante
03. Lingu
04. Raiva Derramada na Estrada
05. Tecido Social
06. Revertério
07. Nó