Genre: Noiserock
Label: Reptilian
  • LP
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Artikelnummer: 020095 Release Date: Mon, 18 Mar 2024


Since its depraved and characteristically ugly Australian birthing in 1986, Stu Spasm’s Lubricated Goat has remained a cock in the ass of decency. Stu has worn the devil’s red cloak proudly, through a revolving door of musical confederates, trans-Pacific moves, bizarre and unrepentant television nudity, a celebrated underground rock marriage and divorce, six albums, countless tours, even a stabbing. His vision remains unchanged.
Reptilian Records proudly serves up The Great Old Ones as a lustful orgy of aural hedonism. It’s a celebration of the first ten years of mayhem cut to tape. This long-awaited disc collects newly recorded stabs at songs from previous Lubricated Goat albums (all painfully out of print), some singles, and a track from Stu’s band Crunt (feat. Members of Babes in Toyland and Jon Spencer Blues Explosion). Insanity, free will, intellectual hedonism, the devil’s hand in fine dining. Tracked at Studio G in Brooklyn, NY in May of 2003, this set is blazingly fresh, and sonically superior to the originals. Stu has assembled a distinctive and essential line-up featuring Natz from Cop Shoot Cop, and Ant from New York scum-rockers the Spitters. The quartet is as limber as they are tight, and boast superior musicianship to all those that have preceded them. The old songs swing and rock with unparalleled confidence. Stu’s vocals perfectly distill Bon Scott’s bawdiness while holding Captain Beefheart in a full-frontal checkmate. While early material reeked of the abrasive noise-skronk of the Birthday Party, and synthed-out art-damage of Pere Ubu and Suicide, time wore on and Stu added greater dynamic flourishes, fleshing out his earthy scatology with the black magic of well-defined songcraft. Truly, the bastard can play the guitar. The Great Old Ones considerably ups all the antes, the band playing with the deft confidence and sure-handedness of a well-oiled touring rock machine. It’s not even funny how much better these versions are over their predecessors. Good, confident rock always trumps even the best and worst intentions of art.


01. Bad Times
02. Spoil The Atmosphere
03. Nerve Quake
04. Stroke
05. Frotting With Ennio
06. Snap Out Of It
07. You Remain Anonymous
08. Jason The Unpopular
09. Cannibals' Lament
10. Play Dead
11. You're Fading Out