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Artikelnummer: 019903 Release Date: Sat, 23 Dec 2023


And boyee, if you liked the „The Revolution Continues“, you will love this one. 14 songs and an intro, fast hardcore which ManLiftingBanner became famous for. You can hear a few DeadStoolPigeon influences. The record comes with a huge foldout sleeve, poster and stickers to spread the red revolution in 2014! You can order the record on red, white and black vinyl.


01. This Is What?
02. Move On Over...
03. Undercurrent
04. Riding High
05. What They Sow
06. Dead Wrong
07. (Just Another) Union Song
08. Red Sabbath (Instrumental) / Treason
09. Forever Young
10. Ain't My Brother's Keeper
11. Sister
12. Give Them Some More
13. Bent But Not Broken
14. Never Again