THE MONSTERSYou're Class, I'm Trash

Genre: Garagepunk
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Artikelnummer: 018241 Release Date: Fri, 12 Nov 2021


It’s all over town. In 2021 it’s time again for a new The Monsters (official) album and thus also for a new Sounds of Subterrania Special Edition. It’s time to rewrite the history of the record cover. 2021 is about nothing more and nothing less than giving back Punk the Do It Yourself.
Are you ready for the greatest adventure of your life? Are you ready to face the most difficult task of your record collecting life and to turn a phrase into a creed, stitch by stitch?
Your set consists „You’re Class, I’m Trash“ as an English and a Swiss version, canvas, 5,500 cm of thread and a needle. Everything is wrapped in an XL poster with a velvet sleeve and peppered with the irrefutable certainty that you will have to fight this battle alone. It’s up to you to bring the artwork to perfection and to prove what only a true fan is capable of.
The sets (Janosh, Swan-Lee or the Beat-Man himself) are strictly limited and only available directly from Sounds of Subterrania.


01. gimme germs
02. smell my tongue
03. carpool Lane
04. dead
05. stranger to me
06. blasphemy
07. yellow snow drink
08. electro bike asshole
09. get drunk on you
10. i love you
11. devil baby
12. my down is your up
13. dead (mortem batkovic)