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Just in the time for their 15 years anniversary, the protest punx from Modena (Italy) fireing back with the 4th longplayer packed with 15 songs of singalong Hc-Punk.
The band was born in Modena, in 2003. It was just another young punk band with something to say and a lot of energy to explode. None of them would expect to get so far from the shore. By the way they have crossed stormy seas, they had many line-up changes, many tours, many releases, many sweat and tears but in the end they still love to hit the road and play around.
No White Rag stands for “rejecting the white flag”, rejecting to give up the struggle. They started with a lot of politically charged lyrics, especially because they were influenced by all the diy and anarchist movement in Italy. For all the first decade of the century, they were fully involved into the squat “La Scintilla” in Modena where they used to organize gigs and it was a good way to deal with many bands from abroad. This thing allowed us to make a few tours in Swiss and Germany since the first years of activity. Besides the band Zanna started a diy label called Nuclear Chaos Records, that was the engine that allowed them to release all their stuff by themselves, together with many other projects like that. Since then they have recorded and produced two 7” EP and four full-length albums plus a couple of tapes.


01. I fiori degli schiavi
02. Resilience
03. Come a Kobane
04. Monsanto is killing me
05. Ciò che conta
06. Love & rage
07. Con le zanne al collo
08. Vomito sul mondo
09. In via Togliatti
10. The sin pyre
11. I lavoratori della notte
12. The black list
13. No reason why
14. La tragedia delle certezze
15. It's going to rain