ÖPNV Deutsch Funk Revolte

Genre: Postpunk
Label: Phantom
  • LP
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Artikelnummer: 018717 Release Date: Tue, 07 Jun 2022


It’s such a pleasant association for me that I was willing to allow ÖPNV a little ska-punk if they wanted, but this Berlin post-punk group clearly have no interest in any form of skanking. Theirs is a very sour and ostentatious form of robotic post-punk, delightfully free from guitars or any sort of traditional rock behavior. Rather, Deutsch Funk Revolte is equal parts disturbed and disturbing, minimal and unhinged, very much in the tradition of Nervous Gender, Kosmonautentraum, Palais Schaumburg and Cabaret Voltaire. Most songs are comprised of thuddy drumming, dubby bass, electronic bleeps/squelches and vocals acting as a disaffected tour guide to the proceedings. Pretty classic conceit, but it’s a style I personally relish, especially when performed with as much artful grit as ÖPNV display here. They’re willing to try interesting things with the form (unusual bass-lines, playful dub properties and so on) without feeling either too musical or polished. If they’re not already friends with Lavender Hex, a similarly (if further out-there) experimental dub-minded post-punk group from Berlin, they out to consider sending a congenial DM and making that connection. – Yellow Green Red


01. Rasthof
02. Shanghai Dreams
03. Hitze schleicht
04. M.F.G
05. Einzeltäter
06. Zivilisation
07. Bildungsnähe
08. Trabantenstadt
09. Spitze
10. Blockiert