Genre: Psyche
Label: Agitated
  • 7"
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Oh yeah! Agitated gets in on the act with a three tracker psych blast from the midwest?s purveyors of the finest ?Elevators chug and UK invasion jangle you are likely to hear! Formed in 2007 by two sets of brothers: Alex Szegedy (guitar/vocals) and George Szegedy (drums) and Spencer Young (bass/vocals) and William Young (guitar/vocals). An easy reference point could be the Nuggets compilation, in fact Nuggets compiler Lenny Kaye had this to say about them last year: „Awash in reverb and mood enhancers, the People’s Temple create an atmosphere truly „Texas Revisited,“ embracing trippy International Artists like the Red Krayola and Bubble Puppy, bone-shaking a tambourine („Nevermore,“ „Looter’s Game“), and mumbo-jumboing poetics („House of Fools“). Alternately soaring, dislocating, unsettling and uplifting, the album culminates in the phantasmagoria of „(Dark Dreams) Distant Memories,“ a hymn to the glories found in a millisecond’s delay by way of Jane’s Addiction. Pass the Kool-Aid,“ Kaye wrote.


01. Utopia
02. Deadfall
03. Black Night