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Artikelnummer: 014583 Veröffentlichung: Tue, 26 Jul 2016


Spanish jazz–funk / prog–psych holy grail from 1976 featuring the crème de la crème of Spain’s session musicians of the time. Pepe Sánchez is a real legend when talking about drumming in Spain. From his beginnings in the 60s jamming with Pedro Iturralde, Tete Montoliu and Vlady Bas at the influential Whisky Jazz Club in Madrid, to recording in Miami with Diana Ross or Barbra Streisand; from working under the wings of Rafael Trabucchelli, Waldo de los Ríos, Augusto Algueró and Mancini to playing live with Barry White?Not forgetting his incursions in progressive rock with Araxes or doing session work for seminal Spanish albums like „Gipsy Rock“ by Las Grecas among others. Pepe and his group of friends (Manuel Gas, Juan Carlos Calderón, Pepe Ébano, Tito Duarte, Juan Cano?) were the most requested Spanish session musicians of the time, appearing in countless recordings. In the mid–70s, he was approached by the Marfer label: the idea was to create an instrumental album based on Flamenco music and Spanish folklore but with a modern approach, adding electric guitars, electric bass, drums?Pepe recruited some his friends, all of them top session musicians with a jazz / pop background and the result was „Regresión“, his first solo album, released in 1976. It’s an incredible fusion of jazz, funk, rock, flamenco and psychedelic / progressive sounds highlighted by the powerful drumming of Pepe, the wicked fuzz–wah guitar of Carlos Villa (Vainica Doble, Las Grecas), the sax / flute of jazz giant Pedro Iturralde and Manolo Morales (Jayme Marques, Bebu Silvetti?), the piano of Eddy Guerin (Tete Montoliu, Santisteban, Jayme Marques, Manuel Gas?), the trumpet of Juan Cano (Vlady Bass, Juan Carlos Calderón?) and José Luis Medrano (Dolores, Márquez?), the percussion of Pepe Ébano (Elkin & Nelson, Manuel Gas, Camarón, Max B, Santisteban)? Includes the monster rare groove /funk track „Sentimiento“ and more!


01. Sentimiento
02. Paisajes
03. Regresión
04. Nostalgia
05. A mi tierra
06. Cantares
07. Renacimiento
08. Love Me
09. Encuentros en la 5ª dimensión