PERILYMPHProgressions Imaginaires

Genre: Psyche
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Artikelnummer: 020224 Release Date: Thu, 16 May 2024


Sound, as a concept, is a really misleading way to understand what’s actually occurring. To think of it as the noises made by air molecules bumping into each other is also not that helpful. The end result of pressure sensed with the aid of perilymph in your ears approaches usefulness: the sound isn’t out there, it’s in here. On “Progressions Imaginaires”, Perilymph gives you an unfolding expanse in which to experience this biological quirk.
Instantly, the door opens and you are invited to descend upwards to your new home. A fire crackles gently (or perhaps a robot purrs, limbs lovingly outstretched in anticipation of your embrace), beckoning and safe. Here, you are welcome to be set adrift inside yourself. A jaunty energy strikes and with a „hyep!“ your departure fully initiates. Mesmerized and curious you drive forward in ecstasy. If there’s any melancholy in the joy, it derives from how hauntingly familiar the unknown can appear. You know this place, do you not? Why did you forget?
Cognition unravels as waves of illumination bathe your awareness. Understanding, now ignited, sparkles just enough to guide you onward. Hark the madman at the helm, flipping switches and intent on disassembly. He is groovy. Despair not, the intensity gives way to jubilation. As demolition creates space for the beating heart to be heard again, forces immense and powerful, deeply locked away, are rekindled. They surge forth, shocked to have been forgotten. You stumble, ashamed, wearily reflecting, drifting untethered, attempting to collect yourself. It is gloomy and uncertain and incredible that it could conclude in shimmering dawn. Heavens crash and herald the android angel choir.
The breaking sky crackles. You are thrust beyond the firmament to witness the mechanics and architects toiling magnanimously for all you surf and traverse.
The bittersweet realization finds you swooning free. Your thoughts trail your movements, suspense pounding between the breaths. Spinning, you see time stretch. Focus flickers, fading you back to familiarity reborn as the adventure lingers, buoyant and jovial. You promise to remember the liquid warmth’s lush and expansive enfoldment. You’ve thought this before.


01. Intro
02. Les Yeux
03. Interlude 1
04. Loin Du Bruit
05. Interlude 2
06. Aventure
07. Interlude 3
08. Un Instant Ou Deux
09. Interlude 4
10. Outro