PISSEMit Schinken durch die Menopause

Genre: Punkrock
Label: Phantom
  • LP
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Artikelnummer: 018693 Veröffentlichung: Tue, 07 Jun 2022


Did you just hear Monokini by STEREO TOTAL for the first time, and you really like it but you’re worried about keeping up punk appearances? Well worry no more, because PISSE have got you covered. These lads sound pretty much like that, all the more so because their record was recorded by Brezel Göring and Françoise Cactus lends vocals to one track. This record is super fun, mixing a playfulness that makes the songs really come alive with a willingness to experiment and make odd choices (see the dancehall track with a fantastic female toaster that kicks off the record). A lot of these songs remind me of AUSMUTEANTS if these dudes wrote good punk songs instead of boring and idiotic new wave. What lyrics I took the time to translate showed a real goofiness, but one should expect no lack of disrespect and snot from a band called PISSE (take a fucking guess what it means in English). A good record and the second best sticker I’ve ever gotten out of a European punk record. I’m usually disappointed by synth punk bands, but these guys have a nice melodic touch and manage to walk a fine punk line between too much poppy melody and not enough. – MRR


01. Pumafrau
02. Scheiß DDR
03. Nervenheilanstalt
04. Staubsauger
05. Work Life Balance
06. Antwort als Fax
07. Szeneprinz
08. Biertitten
09. Maschinenpistole
10. Freiheit
11. Keine Freundin
12. Marlboromann
13. Rummelsburger Bucht