POISON IDEALegacy Of Dysfunction

Genre: Punk
  • LP
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Artikelnummer: 016073 Release Date: Sun, 20 Oct 2019


You’ve seen the movie! Now here’s the soundtrack! ‘Legacy of Dysfunction’ is a ride on the carousel to oblivion, as we time travel back and forth through over 35 years of Poison Idea’s rip-snortin’, high volume arsenal of hardcore classics (chronological song order, be damned!) All the hits are here. Tunes such as “Plastic Bomb” (Jerry A’s Eastern-bloc stomp with that howling chorus), “Just To Get Away” and “Made To Be Broken” are on this record. ‘Legacy of Dysfunction’ also includes, never before heard, live and studio tracks. The live recordings are incredibly raw sounding (the opening track “Laughing Boy” is relentless), not unlike many of the live Stooges bootlegs released over the years on labels like Bomp! and Skydog. The unheard song ‘Names and Numbers’ is killer, plus bonuses such as the long out-of-print cover of the Wipers “Up Front” and excerpts of dialogue from the film, let you relive the experience again and again.


01. Chris Carey Lays It Down / Laughing Boy
02. Jimmy Taylor States Facts / The Number One
03. Mondo And Slayer Speak / Just To Get Away
04. The Whiskey Rebel Appears / Hangover Heartattack
05. Jerry A The Beginning / It's An Action
06. Henry Bogdon Remembers / Made To Be Broken
07. Natalie Lucio Laughs / Self-Abuse
08. Kid Cocksman Flashback / Say Goodbye
09. Pig Champion Rolls His Eyes / Cult Band
10. Ian Miller Calls It / Typical
11. Brandon Bently Truth / Getting The Fear
12. Chris Tense Brings Back The Nightmares / The Temple
13. Myrtle Tickner Feels It / Taken By Surprise
14. Matt Brainard Spits / Last One
15. Names And Numbers
16. In My Headache
17. Chris Carey Sums It Up / Up Front / Chris Carey In Case You Missed It