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Artikelnummer: 018946 Release Date: Wed, 19 Oct 2022


Bjorn Dossche of Rise & Fall and Chain Reaction on Redemption Denied and their new album „Where Dead Ends Meet“:
Somehow, longevity is a rare thing in hardcore. Consider yourself lucky if your favourite band made it past the 3 year mark. What’s even rarer is a band that pushes on – despite line-up changes, personal careers and the pressure of „adult“ life – to deliver their first ever full length album almost a decade after their debut EP.
But, that’s exactly what Redemption Denied did. And the damn thing hits like a sledgehammer. Granted, the subtle approach was never theirs, but on this album the vigor, determination and sheer power can be felt in every single song, every single riff and every single word singer Kasper spits. It’s clear that while „Where Dead Ends Meet“ was being written, Redemption Denied sharpened their skills and made sure their all out assault didn’t lose the dynamics needed to keep everyone’s attention, all of the time.
Their 90s CTHC (Hatebreed, Death Threat) meets Upstate NY (All Out War, Stigmata) sound has never hit harder, not in the least by the increased death metal influence that tips „Where Dead Ends Meet“ over the edge of what’s socially acceptable in terms of heaviness. The destructive aggression their music possesses, is more than matched by the apocalyptic, socio-political lyrics that strike a precarious balance between embittered and empowering. It’s their testament, written in blood.
„Where Dead Ends meet“ was recorded at Jupiter Studios in their native Belgium, mixed to perfection by Taylor Young (Nails, Twitching Tongues, Xibalba, God’s Hate) and mastered by Brad Boatright (Ringworm, Never Ending Game, Integrity), and boasts incredible cover art by Ridge Rhine (Terror, Knocked Loose, Judiciary). To top things off, it also features guest vocals by Tyler Mullen (Year Of The Knife) and Bjorn Dossche (Chain Reaction, Rise And Fall).


01. Prelude (To The Apocalypse)
02. Testament (feat. Bjorn Dossche)
03. Verdict
04. The Last Hour
05. Beyond Salvation
06. Dying Breed (feat. Tyler Mullen)
07. Where Dead Ends Meet
08. Buried Alive
09. Final Witness
10. Before The Fall
11. Another Victim