Genre: Garagepunk
Label: Voodoo Rhythm
  • LP
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Please welcome Sam Snitchy to this world of electracly digitally recorded Music, this comes direct from Under the Dance floor where everybody steps on you.. a Anti-Dance Record as you can say an Album from the Streets of Bern in Switzerland a Lousy man with ambitions ready to f*** your head by telling/shouting the truth in your f*** faces. Supported/surrounded by drums, bass and machines (big ones) Sam Snitchy aka Melker (as Melker 2015 – 2020, 2 releass: „2-10“ und „ROC“) aka Binggis a Bernese Gutter-poet & Trash-Author, the man with many names and faces, 30 years live punk shows in the streets of the Breitenrain (a political and cultural very active quarter in Bern) and House Band for their local Football Team the Young Boys with his Abstract Street Poetic Trash Pop Band ‚Mani Porno‘.
Sam Snitchy was born into a Family of No Gooders, Father a Heavy Drinker and the mother was the Absinth, when growing up he became the strange guy next door and the loud one at the Bar that yells to each songs of Shame 69 and the Hersahm Boys, Punk Anderson, the Dead Kennedys, the Ramones, Public Enemy and Sleaford Mods
about the the Album: „get me wrong“ it was recorded in 2019 at several home studios in bern, Switzerland, and at M. Fuorigiocos Living Room and in the the Bernese Alps on the Gantrisch Mountain and one week with tobi heim (drum, kummerbuben), the roc (bass, band member of mani porno) and bellinda arrestequi (bass, band member of „i made you a tape“).


01. Snake
02. Cake
03. Ready
04. Down
05. Kim
06. Jacksonville (1)
07. Plea
08. Back
09. Get Me Wrong
10. Match
11. Jacksonville (2)