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Artikelnummer: 019095 Release Date: Wed, 11 Jan 2023


This EP was born from magical and psychedelic experience combining electric hypnotizing rhythms and Mururi (Uitoto) songs, creating a new sound that emerges from the mystical wisdom of the Colombian Amazon. It is a musical dialogue between producer and composer Miguel Navas known as Savan and ancestral grandfather Reinaldo Giagrekudo -guardian of ancient knowledge of rituals, dances, nature, myths, “mambe” (the original form in which coca plants are consumed in the Amazon) and chants- gathered in this two songs devoted to the arrival of abundance, the sun and Buinaima. They are written with a series of rhythms that comes form the heart of the amazon using the sounds of birds, frogs, insects and variations of the Maguaré and mini Maguaré drums, to recreate a sonic palette and a cosmic wake up call.


01. Duedunrie
02. Jituma