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Artikelnummer: 018062 Release Date: Wed, 30 Jun 2021


„In August 1979, Another Swiss label released Sperma’s second record, a 12 „, with these three songs; Pigs (Schmier), No More Love (from the first recording session) and Radio. On Pigs they demand the death to everybody in a blue uniform. The amazing thing is that this song is never the fell victim to state censorship. One has to assume that they never heard the song to this day. At No More Love, the farewell of the „Peace & Love“ generation is resolutely demanded and on the song Radio the Swiss radio is attacked. Here is the new edition with an informative, 20-page booklet in an edition of 200 copies in black vinyl. On Friday April 23rd, 42 years after his first release, Static Age Musik from Berlin is releasing this 12″ again for the first time.“


01. Schmier
02. No More Love
03. Radio