SPOKENESTGone, Gone, Gone

Genre: Punkrock
  • LP
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“New 12 song, 30 minuted LP. 3 years in the making. Dissonance and melody. Superchunk and hardcore,” guitarist and co-vocalist Daryl Gussin explains. Joined by drummer Adrian Tenney, the pair formed out of God Equals Genocide to create some lo-fi brilliance.

Arriving about three years after the release of their debut 12? EP We Move, Gone, Gone, Gone is a jam-packed collection of swiftly delivered raucous-pretty hits, a sun-drenched living room window before & after being broken. The duo is comprised of drummer/vocalist Adrian Tenney (also of Badlands) and guitarist/vocalist Daryl Gussin, whose voices mesh sweetly & perfectly, layered over ferocious whirlwinds of guitar and drums. This one’s dying for you to play it loud and often. Angry, visceral and urgent. Essential.


01. Back
02. Kind
03. Whisper
04. Lose
05. Other Way
06. Sense
07. Gone
08. Wrote
09. Shine
10. Listen
11. Tell Me
12. Reasons