Genre: 60s Punk
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The Stomachmouths were one of the earliest pure garage bands in the European garage revival of the 1980s. Along with local Swedish colleagues the Crimson Shadows they strove for authenticity in replicating the sound and the look of the original ’60s inspirators, primarily from the US. The band were undoubtedly kings of the scene, received immediate international attention with their self-released debut 45 and toured extensively in Europe leaving memories of tremendous shows. Band leader Stefan Kéry later went on to form the successful independent Xotic Mind/Subliminal Sounds record label.


01. Don't Put Me Down
02. Wild Trip
03. Speed Freak
04. Dr. Syn
05. I'm Going Away
06. Eegah!
07. Cry
08. Don't Mess with My Mind
09. R&B No. 65
10. Waiting
11. Almost There
12. Heart of Stone
13. Something Weird