Genre: Postpunk
Label: Sabotage
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Artikelnummer: 020312 Release Date: Fri, 02 Aug 2024


Suspectre from Frankfurt present their second album on Sabotage Records, three years after their debut. „2,“ the title of the new record, is an exciting and appealing mix of jangly punk and raw pop. With driving drums and garage influences, post-punk explores its danceable side. The eight songs are full of inspiration and ideas while remaining refreshingly light-footed. The two-part melodic vocals give the whole thing a very unique character. The music is accompanied by lyrics that trace the tensions of contemporary life. Suspectre search for meaning in a world of alienation, injustice, and triviality. They explore inner conflicts and the impact of today’s technologies on relationships. In doing so, they encounter moments of speechlessness and frustration, but also moments of hope. The physical record comes with stylish artwork, high-quality packaging, and completely random vinyl colors, so each record also holds a little visual surprise.


01. You went out
02. Oxytocin
03. I'm okay
04. The Streets
05. Hype
06. These Truths
07. Kaleidoscope
08. Overliner