TAPE MANEsoteric Surf Trash

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Artikelnummer: 019966 Release Date: Mon, 15 Jan 2024


You may have been at the hall when the Tape Wolves played live at Tararua College, Pahiatua, New Zealand, and forgot to grab yourself a copy of the Esoteric Surf Trash LP. Maybe you totally forgot about this evening in 2017. Well, The few copies that were made that year (with handcrafted screen printed sleeves!) were sold or thrown into a landfill right out of the city limits. So this masterpiece collection fo surf music was not available for a very long time. Hardly any copy made it to the northern hemisphere btw. We are talking about a very rare record, my friend. Not even the richest record collectors were able to purchase this piece of musical history. Maybe noone even asked about it but well, until now! Until some guys from the other side of the world that actually has cash and offered to reissue this 22 track monster.
So, thanks to BACHELOR RECORDS based out of the Transylvanian alps you can now enjoy more copies, yes hundreds more copies the world over, so you may never escape the haunted surf vibes this summer. Yes, it is always summer somwhere.
After we, Bachelor Records, gave you the monstrosity of SOUTH PACIFIC SURF TRASH, a guide to the vivid and vibrant surf music scene in New Zealand, here you have the first full and comprehensive overview of the MYSTERIOUS TAPE MAN and his various combos thereafter on one record. Originally released on the Stink Magnetic record label as MAG056. Recorded entirely to electromagnetally aligned cellulose tape in the south pacific islands of Aoteroa, New Zealand. Originally performed as Mysterious Tape Man, The Tape Men, Corpse of Tape Man, Two-Headed Tape Man, Ghost of Tape Man, House on the Hounted Hill, Planet of the Tapes, Lightning Tape Wolf, Wolf Witches & the Tape Wolves. All Songs by D.Herkes except „God of Nations“ (trad.), „Surf Lost“ (Heazlewood / Mancini) and „Bailin Out“ (Supercharger).


01. Mysterious Island
02 Haunted Surf
03. Space Ghost
04. God of Nations
05. Elmstein Surf
06. Skull Crackin Party
07. Wyld Son
08. Surf Lost
09. Thing From Venus
10. Nerd Wolf Stomp
11. Mysterio
12. Black Cat