Genre: Punkrock
Label: Total Punk

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Artikelnummer: 019149 Veröffentlichung: Fri, 10 Feb 2023


Quickly gaining ground on Jake Robertson as Australia’s most prolific artist, Ishka Edmeades (Satanic Togas, Set-Top Box, RRC, Gee Tee, Remote Control, Mainframe…) is back with the debut LP as TEE VEE REPAIRMANN. Sharp edged, hook heavy punk with a generous helping of glammy power pop. This is a sure fire hit parade and based upon the amount of interests we’ve been getting not to last long in this world.


01. Out Of Order
02. Time To Kill
03. What's The Use
04. Bus Stop
05. Checkout Queue
06. Drowning
07. I Can't Figure You Out
08. Backwards
09. People
10. Get Outta Here
11. No Life On This Street
12. Stuck In The Mould