(THE) LESSER MENReferences, Reflections: Revelations

Label: Geenger
  • LP
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Artikelnummer: 016620 Veröffentlichung: Wed, 25 Mar 2020


A four-piece from Zagreb, Croatia is back with a conceptual bang! An ambitious follow-up to the widely praised „Bedrooms“ record sees the band embracing the old art of referencing and quoting through all of known music history while creating their own unique presence on the music time-line. From Gesualdo to New Kids on the Block, Mozart to dEUS, (The) Lesser Men set out on a journey of embracing musical stream-of-consciousness thus to prevent self-consciousness from interfering with the quest for the actual meaning of the term ‚original music‘.


01. Lottery Score Pt. 1
02. Babies Are Born
03. Lottery Score Pt. 2
04. Comedians
05. Gentlemen in Lingerie
06. Ghostwriter 04:18
07. The Trilogy
08. Sooner or Later
09. The Shunt
10. California Dreaming Revisited
11. Endless