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Bogotá’s UNIDAD IDEOLÓGICA sound is pure high intensity hardcore. The eight songs on their debut 12” clock in below 15 minutes and not a single second is wasted. Their sound is very bass and drum driven, full of breakneck, pummelling relentless beats which do not rest for a second, setting a claustrophobic atmosphere for the noise to grow. Feedback ladden guitars at times verge on BM, which brings RAW POWER, EXECUTE, GISM and DISARM to mind, creating the perfect background for a raging vocalist full of venom to sing about fear, control, technology, and the rampant neoliberalism destroying their land and literally killing as we speak.


01. Metadata
02. Tercer Hito Del Desarrollo
03. Tiempo Salvaje
04. Vidas Controladas
05. Guerra Y Negocio
06. El Miedo
07. Inhabilitado Para Reaccionar
08. Bloqueo Mental