UNIFIED ACTIONUnified Action Demo

Label: Scene Report
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Artikelnummer: 019504 Release Date: Thu, 27 Jul 2023


The debut release for the both the band and also the label, Scene Report Records. Unified Action are from the North East of England, consisting of ex members of Tied Down, and also, suprisingly, Australia’s Extortion. Straight ahead hardcore, a powerful variation on an timeless formula in which you can hear classic old school hardcore (I’m going to randomly pluck-out early Sick Of It All and Ripcord from the mental libary), but by way of late 80’s/early 90s Slap A Ham/Wardance (Infest/Citizens Arrest), and then filtered through a modern-day lense that is directly related to the member’s previous bands. Not so much reinventing the wheelie bin, more accurately they are bashing the fuck out of an old steel dustbin. And that, definitely, is a good thing. Especially when it is done like so…


01. Intro / Unified Action
02. Night Sight
03. Alone
04. Rights of the Poor
05. The Reaper
06. Evacuate, Evaluate
07. Self Worth
08. Behind This Tongue (Infest cover)