UNITED STATES OF EXISTENCEThe Psychedelic Yesterdays of Tomorrow

Genre: Beat
Label: Guerssen
  • LP
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Artikelnummer: 016900 Release Date: Sun, 16 Aug 2020


Sixteen roller coaster rides of authentic neo-psychedelic pop!

The Psychedelic Yesterdays of Tomorrow is the first ever vinyl retrospective of pioneering 80s psych band United States of Existence.
Includes their fab Introducing: the United States Of Existence LP from 1986 (originally on Bam Caruso), plus essential single / compilation only tracks and fantastic previously unreleased ones.
*Colour insert with detailed liner notes and rare photos.
United Sates Of Existence were one of earliest neo-psychedelic groups from the US. Born in Baltimore in 1978 out of the ashes of prog-rock outfit Klangfarb, their goal was to reproduce the sound of their favourite 60s psych bands: Strawberry Alarm Clock, Electric Prunes, Blues Magoos, Nazz, The Assocation…
They consisted of Paul Rieger (guitar, bass and electric sitar), Bob Tiefenwerth (organ, electric harpsichord and piano), Dennis Davison – of Jigsaw Seen fame – (lead vocals, acoustic guitar and theremin) and Gary Schwartz on drums and harmony vocals.
The group used vintage instruments and antiquated recording techniques to fully embrace the sounds of the first psychedelic era (1967-68). They never got to play live, preferring to spend their time recording in their basement studio or going on record-buying binges at all the discount stores, searching for obscure psychedelic albums with weird names like Harumi, Phulph, Bohemian Vendetta…
They were championed by Greg Shaw (Bomp!) who chose one of their first recordings, the killer Return To The Psychedelic, as the opening track for the seminal Battle Of The Garages LP compilation (1981). They also appeared in another famous compilation, The Rebel Kind (1983).
Anything Goes!, their first 45, saw the light in 1984, self-released on the band’s own label, U.S. Fidelity Sounds, and featuring members of the Association on backing vocals (no kidding!). In 1986, they caught the attention of the Bam Caruso label from the UK, where they released their only album, Introducing: the United States of Existence, in 1986.
The Psychedelic Yesterdays Of Tomorrow compiles all the material released by United Sates of Existence, including their Bam Caruso album along with various single / compilation tracks, as well as a few previously unreleased tracks and alternate mixes.
“Surround sound not required – these stereo recordings will transport the listener to the proper state of existence. Recorded in the band’s basement and mixed down on a picnic table – because that’s where it was all happening.”


01. Return To The Psychedelic
02. Shadows Of Rainbows
03. Love To The 44th Power
04. Makin' My Scene
05. Scandal In Bohemia
06. Welcome Tomorrow, Goodbye Today 07. When I Was Young
08. Gone
09. Bad Roads At Midnight
10. Volunteer Fireman
11. In Classic Play
12. Baroque Hi-Fi
13. Somethin' Bout The Way
14. Anything Goes!
15. It's A Drag
16. L.S.E. 3