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Belgian crushers team up for a deafening d-beat thunder release. Visions of war are the long runners out of these two. VOW Blast out a new recording that marks a new era with a solid set of growling gutter crust and brilliant d-beat to it. ArrogÀnt delivers their debut of release with this release. Dark crusty d-beat with strong growling vocals that makes your fists longing for more.Visions of War/Arrogant is a split lp full of raging d-beat.


01. Visions Of War - Subject
02. Visions Of War - Colourb(l)inded
03. Visions Of War - Global Damn-ation
04. Visions Of War - 3rd Side Of The Coin
05. Visions Of War - The End Of Suffering
06. Visions Of War - Social Destructures
07. Visions Of War - Strive
08. Visions Of War - Locked Jaw
09. Visions Of War - P.L.B.
10. Arrogänt - Fuck Off Now !
11. Arrogänt - Back To The Tomb
12. Arrogänt - Geript
13. Arrogänt - Society Failures
14. Arrogänt - All Distracted
15. Arrogänt - Blood Red Death
16. Arrogänt - Pretend We Give A Fuck