YLEISET SYYTToisten Todellisuus

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“Toisten Todellisuus” compiles two 7”s by Helsinki, Finland’s YLEISET SYYT: their self-titled EP, originally released in 2019, and 2021’s “Umpikujamekanismi”. Despite members playing in well-known underground Finnish bands like KOHTI TUHOA and FORESSEN, YLEISET SYYT has flown under the radar in the Anglophone world, with only a small fraction of their records’ tiny pressings making it outside Finland. Fortunately for you, the hardcore fanatics at Sorry State and La Vida Es Un Mus have our ears to the ground, and we agreed that a band this killer deserves a much wider audience. YLEISET SYYT’s sound is both blistering and anthemic, moving nimbly from full-throttle rippers like “Hygieeninen Ruumis” to tracks like “Hyväntekijä” and “Luovan Keskiluokan Takapihalla,” whose big chorus hooks could have anchored a Riot City or No Future A-side. The combination of ferocious performances and songwriting chops might remind you of older Finnish bands like LAMA, MELLAKKA, and APPENDIX, but MINOR THREAT, THE FIX, and NECROS are equally apt comparisons. If you like your early 80s-style hardcore tightly-wound, razor-sharp, and bristling with hooks, you’re gonna love “Toisten Todellisuus” as much as we do (Daniel Lupton)


01. Sininen Hekuma
02. Kova Jätkä
03. Hyväntekija
04. Bileet Ohi
05. Toisten Todellisuus
06. Jatkuvaa Sotaa
07. Opportunistin Alkullta
08. Maa Jonka Jätämme
09. Huutoa Loukosta
10. Luovan Keskilokuan Takapihalla
11. Hygieeninen Ruumis
12. Nostalgiakooma