ZERO ZEROESMirrors / Dreamcrawler


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Zero Zeroes: just one of those ungoogleable band names, scuppered a tad by the existence of Californian ‘70s punkas The Zeroes. But this German band are definitely their own beast – OK, there are touches of San Diego legend John
Reis in their DNA (the garage-centric power chords are pure Rocket From The Crypt; the relentless drive of the guitars calls to mind the wild focus of Hot Snakes), but they’re here to make a racket their own way, and it’s scintillating. Together with Drunken Sailor Records, UK, we released their debut album in 2020 (and the repress in 2021), it was critically acclaimed from all sides, real punk magazines like MAX RNR said “DAMN NEAR PERFECT MODERN PUNK, mainstream punkrock media even did album streaming premieres (NEW NOISE MAGAZINE) so in case you missed this, check ebay or discogs to buy yourself a black, blue or silver copy…


01. Mirrors
02. Dreamcrawler