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After the split EP with Oi Polloi, here comes the first album from Antibastard. Strictly antifascist Riot-Punk, based in Berlin around Rigaer78/Abstand Squat.
13 song 12“ LP, all songs on english (singer comes from australia). Lp comes in beautiful gatefold cover, incl all lyrics. For fans of Restarts, OI Polloi, Chaos UK, Riot Squad,…
Lmtd edition of 500 copies.


01. Burn Berlin
02. Dust In My Nose
03. Twilight Of Your Idols
04. No Brain, No Pain
05. Malevolent Blues
06. Insomnia
07. State Your Hate
08. Blindness
09. White Noise Crisis
10. Baotou Lake
11. Society Undead
12. Bleak Street
13. Death To Nation