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A song title like “Ready to fly” actually gives you all necessary information to categorize the album in your hands as psychedelic spacerock that certainly makes you recall the ancient days of the 1970s when HAWKWIND ruled and LSD was the hot shit to get up from the ground and trip through open space. “Ready to fly” is for certain one of these typical up tempo space rock songs with a straight and hypnotic beat, oscillating synthesizer lines, swishing distorted guitars and monotone chants buried under layers upon layers of echo effects. What has been great in 1972 can still capture your spirit more than forty years later. But there is more behind this album than meets the ear. It begins with a four minute long drone entitled “Kâ” made of sitar sounds coupled with swirling synths and strange voice samples. Next comes “Ready to fly” as the prototypical space rocker followed by “Take a long walk”, which could not be more different then. Here we have folky psychedelic music that flows gently with a haunting, melancholic melody and some fine guitarleads lost in reverie. Early P.F. during their days as the hottest band in the London underground club scene in 1967 come to my mind. And we move on from here to heavily grooving yet utterly washy and simmering power rock with vocals that mill into your mind and back to these gently floating psychedelic folk with guitar sounds that feel like whale chants, swirling synthesizer noises in the back, dark and melancholic vocal harmonies. You want your space and heavy psychedelic music colorful, viola, these French trippies deliver the goods in a way that will please every acid rock fundamentalist who concentrates on the 60s and 70s scene as well as all the desert rock aficionados who were born too late for the freak outs in Swinging London back in the day. And be sure, this is much more than just a record full of music. This is the key to unlock the gate to a world of color, joy and passion where love can be felt as a physical force. The 1960s garage psyche of bands like THE THIRD BARDO, the acid outbursts of the embryonic P.F. and HAWKWIND’s straight ahead space rock drive combined could hardly match with the music of their heirs.


01. Ka
02. Ready To Fly
03. Take A Long Walk
04. St Trip
05. New World
06. Pox On You
07. Shadow Knows
08. LSD 33
09. Vision
10. Why
11. The Beauty Of The Beast