Genre: Punkrock
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Attentat were pioneers in the first Swedish punk
wave in the late 1970s, along with bands like
Kriminella Gitarrer, KSMB, Göteborg Sound and Ebba Grön. After more than 40 years on the Swedish rock scene, Attentat has never felt more relevant.
With the new album ”Punkhjärta” (Punk Heart) producer Mattias Glavå (Dungen, The Amazing, Ice Age and others) has carved out a cleaner more raw sound but the fighting spirit, energy and sing along refrains remain.
Attentat are still set on changing the future without forget- ting their past and in 2019 they are better, smarter, stronger and more fun than ever. They have nothing left to prove, but still do. The day our planet is flawless Attentat will
quit. But that day seems far away.


01. Ditt Fel
02. Gogo Fighter
03. Låt Hjärtat Va Med (Glöm För Fan Inte De)
04. Punkhjärta
05. Esmeralda
06. Krossa Mig
07. Pissa På
08. Vad Får Jag
09. Paddans Dream