CLASSIf You've Got Nothing

Genre: Powerpop
Label: Feel It
  • LP
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SKU: 019625 Release Date: Fri, 06 Oct 2023


“The Artist works in a museum And that museum is rocknroll In a world of meme punk rockabilly grandads It’s the classicists that really have something to say. Straight lines, hooks, and a clear path to your heart. They might not be dbeat heart throbs But no one else can give you that feeling that you can hold on to a moment Like you are driving too fast down route 60 And it’s never going to end. In 20 years when you skulk the dark alleyways of wherever punk’s red fern grows, they won’t be talking about Dwight Twilley, the Looks, or the Nerves, they will be looking for a little CLASS.” -Tobi Vail and Hayes Waring


01. Public Void
02. Behind the Ball
03. A Coward's Disaster
04. Between the Lines
05. Two-Way Track
06. Burning Cash
07. Just Another Number
08. Inspect the Receipt
09. Oh! The Nerve
10. Task Collector
11. As If It'd Even the Score
12. Grid Stress