Genre: Jazz / Fusion
Label: Go! Bop!
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SKU: 015091 Release Date: Wed, 04 Apr 2018


INCLUDES THE ORIGINAL ‘HIP MANUAL’! PLUS BEATNIK-JAZZ BONUS TRACKS! Attention, this is one of the non-music cult obscurities that came out of nowhere during decades of music history. This 1961 released fictional dialogue between a moderator and somebody involved in the late 1950s hipster / beatnik movement in which both discuss the meaning of words and phrases from the youth and ?hipster? language of the 50’s. It is different to the typical spoken word records where either political or philosophical pamphlets get recited. It is a dialogue, a comedic dialogue with some audience noises fadet in, some strange narrations and examples how to speak in a 1950s beatnik style. It is an interesting authentic document of its time and certainly a challenge even for those who speak English fairly well. A collectors item for fans and retro hipsters a time when a vivid counter society was pulsating beyond the idyllic world on the surface.