EVIL ACIDHEADIn The Name of All That is Unholy

Label: Agitated
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SKU: 019226 Release Date: Thu, 23 Mar 2023


Originally released in the late 1980’s on cassette only, “In The Name of All That is Unholy” is Evil Acid Head’s (aka John McBain, previously of Monster Magnet & Wellwater Conspiracy fame) long overdue reissue. Fully remastered from the original recordings by McBain himself, “In The Name of All That is Unholy” is, across all 7 tracks, 4 sides of this LP, a jarring mind expansion of the third eye kind. It’s by no means a whimsy gaze; “In The Name of All That is Unholy” takes your psyche and smashes it into smithereens. Limited double LP on Green /Red vinyl.


01. Part I: Invocation
02. Part II: Descent
03. Part III: Possession
04. Part IV: Acceptance
05. I Control The Moon
06. Looped In The Temple Of Yeti
07. Doom Furnace