Genre: Blues
Label: Go! Bop!
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SKU: 014555 Release Date: Mon, 25 Jul 2016


This is the reissue of the second album by JOHNNY GUITAR WATSON originally released on Chess in 1963. Johnny was already a well praised musician in the field of jazz, rhythm & blues and a popular sidekick for early rock’n’roll heroes such as LITTLE RICHARD when he recorded this beautiful album. Despite the title of the album it mostly contains a swinging and accessible vocal jazz with an irresistible groove and instrumental passages. JOHNNY GUITAR WATSON does not even play guitar on this record but gets ballistic on the piano and lays down some striking vocals with his distinctive voice. The overall pace is relaxed and so is the music that has a bit of a retro feeling already being steadily rooted in the 40s and 50s swing and vocal jazz but JOHNNY GUITAR WATSON and his mates on drums and bass really pull it off with a fresh and exciting edge. A steaming song like “I’ll remember April” might be an exception. But this is an instrumental with furious piano lines and a nearly Latin beat that recalls a bossa nova dance tune just played in a more hot blooded style. The overall performance is top notch and so is the clear and sappy sound. Even a creamy ballad like “Polka dots and moonbeams” has its relevance in the entire musical picture. These two songs may show the edges of his style for “The blues soul of…”. They present an inspired bandleader and musician anyway. No wonder he reinvented his own style a decade later when funk and soul started to dominate the black music scene. Still the music sounds and feels like the cover of the album shows it. Here you can see a very well dressed and styled young man playing chess alone in front of the fireplace. And the album really turns this picture into music. Well executed, well produced, perfectly styled but still spirited and passionate. Mr. Watson managed to live in both parallel worlds. The mansions and the backstreets echo his melodies. He was a visionary at each stage of his career. If you love the outstanding 1950s and 1960s vocal jazz, this will be the thing for you!


01. Witchcraft
02. I Cried For You
03. I'll Remember April
04. Polka Dots And Moonbeams
05. Exactly Like You
06. When Did You Leave Heaven
07. Reconsider Baby
08. Misty