LOUIS PHILIPPESean O'Hagan Presents: The Sunshine World Of Louis Philippe

Label: Tapete
  • LP
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SKU: 019044 Release Date: Fri, 25 Nov 2022


Louis Philippe is living the big dream: He’s a famous football journalist AND a pop star. He writes, arranges, sings and plays the most elegant pop songs on our side of the Atlantic, he released on the legendary label él Records and his influence on the great Japanese Shibuya sound cannot be underestimated. So we are very pleased to present a long overdue compilation of some of the greatest Louis Philippe songs from the years 1994- 2007. Many of these songs are from albums that have been out of print for a long time, and some of them are being released on vinyl for the first time The album was expertly compiled by Louis Philippe’s friend and sometime musical partner Sean O’Hagan (The High Llamas), who also wrote the liner notes. In them O’Hagan writes and recommends: „Lose yourself in this record and let me warn you. You ?ll be humming the tunes and reliving the chorus ?s and key changes for an age, and if you ?re a songwriter you will probably be lifting the melodies without realising is. That ?s the sign of a timeless classic.“
Anyone who knows the works of Louis Philippe will immediately agree with O’Hagan. Those who do not yet know Louis Philippe will agree with O’Hagan at the latest after listening to this album for the first time. They say that when Smokey Robinson sings, you hear violins. And when the great Louis Philippe sings, the sun rises, even on 21 December at midnight.


01. My Favourite Part Of You
02. Boxing Clever
03. An Ordinary Street
04. I Picked A Flower In Ispahan
05. Le Voyageur
06. Sweet Dollar Bill
07. Wonderfull
08. Wichi Tai To
09. Delta Kiss
10. L'Hiver Te Va Bien
11. I Can't Own Her
12. An Ordinary Girl
13. Wild-eyed And Dishevelled
14. Lights Were Dancing On The Ceiling