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NAILBITER came out of nowhere in the beginning of the 2000’s in a London where bad punk, terrible USA inspired hardcore and worse Euro Crust were the norm. They were foreign squaters obsessed with ANTI-CIMEX, Japanese Hardcore and Worldwide punk in a time when the internet hadn’t made all those scenes commodities a google away from you. They played as much as they could to audiences who thought of them boring, dirty or un-hip. They managed to release a handful of records before their career stopped when the drummer was deported back to Brazil. Fast forward a few years ahead and NAILBITER are back in action. Touring Europe as often as they can and writing new material. Unfortunately they are not allowed to play live in UK due to the drummer’s status but they have been unleashing their nihilistic hybrid of late era ANTI-CIMEX and Burning Sensation Japanese hardcore for a couple of years now.