RAUNCH HANDSFuck me stupid

Genre: Garagepunk
Label: crypt
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SKU: 015681 Release Date: Fri, 29 Mar 2019


Their last LP. 12 cuts, including covers of GG ALLIN’ s “I Need Adventure”, LITTLE RICHARD’s late-60s soul-grinder “Baby Don’ t You Tear My Clothes”, JODIE FOSTERS ARMY’ s surf-instro “I-10″…


01. Hanging From The Rafters
02. Blubber Nellie
03. Alcohollywood
04. The In-Laws
05. As Bad As It Gets
06. I-10
07. Your Fat Friend
08. I Need Adventure
09. Pay The Devil His Due
10. Baby, Don't Tear My Clothes
11. What's In The Bag?
12. What's The Matter Now