Genre: Psyche
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Propulsed by Bob Brydens fuzzed- out guitar and Lynda Squires powerful vocals, Reign Ghost were the leading 60s underground psychedelic band from Canada. This is their rare and sought- after debut album from 1969, originally released on the collectable Allied label (Plastic Cloud, Folklords). An absolute psych classic with all the right ingredients: fuzz guitar, swirling organ, male- female vocals, studio effects, weird lyrics Tracks like Travels of blue paradox or Reaching are a must for any psychedelic rock fan.


01. Travels of blue paradox
02. Long day journey
03. Standing room only, Mr. Mars
04. Eyes knows, so does ears and Carolina
05. Curio shop
06. Black ode
07. Gum wrapper song
08. Southern Hemipshere Blues Legacy
09. Reaching